Selected Publications



  • BERT: Pre-training of Deep Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding. Jacob Devlin, Ming-Wei Chang, Kenton Lee, Kristina Toutanova. Tech Report. [pdf]
  • Policy Shaping and Generalized Update Equations for Semantic Parsing from Denotations. Dipendra Misra, Ming-Wei Chang, Xiaodong He and Wen-tau Yih. EMNLP 2018. [pdf]
  • A Knowledge-Grounded Neural Conversation Model. Marjan Ghazvininejad, Chris Brockett, Ming-Wei Chang, Bill Dolan, Jianfeng Gao, Wen-tau Yih, Michel Galley. AAAI 2018 [pdf]
  • 2017

  • Maximum Margin Reward Networks for Learning from Explicit and Implicit Supervision. Haoruo Peng, Ming-Wei Chang, Wen-tau Yih. EMNLP 2017
  • Search-based Neural Structured Learning for Sequential Question Answering. Mohit Iyyer, Wen-tau Yih, Ming-Wei Chang. ACL 2017 [pdf][data][dataset paper]
  • Annotating Derivations: A New Evaluation Strategy and Dataset for Algebra Word Problems. Shyam Upadhyay and Ming-Wei Chang. EACL 2017 [pdf][data]
  • 2016

  • Implicit ReasoNet: Modeling Large-Scale Structured Relationships with Shared Memory. Yelong Shen, Po-Sen Huang, Ming-Wei Chang, Jianfeng Gao. Report. [pdf]
  • Learning from Explicit and Implicit Supervision Jointly For Algebra Word Problems. Shyam Upadhyay, Ming-Wei Chang, Kai-Wei Chang, and Wen-tau Yih. EMNLP 2016. [pdf][data]
  • Toward Socially-Infused Information Extraction: Embedding Authors, Mentions, and Entities. Yi Yang, Ming-Wei Chang and Jacob Eisenstein. EMNLP 2016. [pdf]
  • The Value of Semantic Parse Labeling for Knowledge Base Question Answering. Scott Wen-tau Yih, Matthew Richardson, Chris Meek, Ming-Wei Chang, Jina Suh. ACL 2016. [pdf][ (WebQuestionSP)data]
  • 2015